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Hyrum Anderton Allergies can cause a lot of problems! “Welcome Kim I am glad you found us here. Does your allergies make your asthma worse? I don't have asthma…”
Kenty Asdthma “Welcome to the community! I too, have asthma. When I first got the diagnosis, I had to keep a journal.”
Allison_Rae Run “I want to start running. But I can hardly run a block without feeling like I ran 20 miles. My…”
Annime Does depression affect asthma? “I've been really depressed lately, and I've also conveniently had asthma attacks more often. I have P.E every other day…”
ValentinaWright Does anxiety affect your asthma? “It does, it really does. I often have asthma attacks when I'm being anxious about anything.”

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